Vision Crystal - Account bound

Vision Crystal - Account bound

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I found out today that the Vision Crystal is account bound. This is not a Tier 6 mat. This is something that you are going to have to grind(or play a while) for.

This is where the time gate comes in. So before I get upset over this I need more data to form my opinion.

The items that do not have numbers do you get more than one at the following links.

Also it looks like if you fail on world events you still get something.

Something else to think about does a different server count as a different location?

In Game: Storm Bluff Isle — Anzz, Anzenketh Kyoto

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Vision Crystal - Account bound

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Posted by: Khisanth.2948


I don’t think you’ll get anything for failing the world events. The items come from the chest.

Anyway the items without a number can drop more than one. Got 3 from a supervisor last when I went to check. You can also do these on alts and get more. They are per character not per account.