A Craftable Gadget for First Person View

A Craftable Gadget for First Person View

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Posted by: Braclo.7380


A lot of people have been requesting first person view, me being one of them. Other than the fact that it would be nice to see your surrounding world with it, I am especially interested in the fact that first person view gives you better camera control for screenshots and machinima.

One problem I can see with first person view is that it might make jumping puzzles a bit easier (I’m sure not everyone agrees that it is a problem). The whole “can’t see where I am jumping” with branches in your eyes and having to aim with your character size to jump just right makes it even more challenging. I am sure there is more reasons than this why ArenaNet haven’t added it.

So I was thinking, why not make a craftable gadget for first person view… almost like a steampunk camera. ArenaNet loves to add random things for us to pick up like bottles, shovels, etc, so why not have a gadget that you can use, giving you first person view. It doesn’t necessarily have to be placed down like a turret, it can just be an inventory item too.

Now this can then be limited too based a certain range from where you activated i or no jumping allowed, etc. This way, people can use it in small caves to look around, but it can’t be used to progress game wise. It also makes it great then for machinima filming and screenshots.

I’ll be more than happy with just normal first person view being added too, just thought ill suggest it and this will be handy especially if ArenaNet want to limit what can be done in first person view… and it is kinda lore-friendly