Molten Alliance Mining Pick, suggestion.

Molten Alliance Mining Pick, suggestion.

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Posted by: Eltrow.6382


So I just though about this. I know there is lots of people who didn’t buy the Molten Alliance Mining Pick, simply because it wasn’t account bound. Im quite positive we will the sickle and axe as an infinite tool in the near future as a gem item. I give my left arm that you would go so much more in profit having the item accountbound even with increasing the price of it, note, even increasing the price.

So what my suggestion is is making the Molten Alliance Mining Pick account bound. Backtrack whom bought more than one of the item and refound them, and adding the item for another week so that those that felt, meh wtf, now account bound and I have none? thats not fair, ABLE to buy one.

And when you release the sickle and axe, you make them account bound from the start. This will make more people buy it since its a more “reasonable price” and you dont feel locked to a character, you invite use to play alts so to speak. Would be willing to pay atleast 1000 gems for this, if accountbound, now I have the item waiting for me in the bank to “pick my one and only main”. So please…

Cheers, have a great day/evening.

Molten Alliance Mining Pick, suggestion.

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Posted by: Magnus Steelgrave.6580

Magnus Steelgrave.6580

Being one who has bought 3 of these if they did something like this I would be really unhappy, I don’t wanna have to bother swapping them out between characters nor do I want to have to go back and have to pay 200 gems more each for the 3 of them so I don’t have to do that… Though if they wanted to make account and soulbound versions the account bound being 200 gems more, then I’m quite alright with that.

Molten Alliance Mining Pick, suggestion.

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Posted by: MithranArkanere.8957



Being account bound would mostly generate the hassle of having to remember who had it and visiting a bank to trade it between characters.

As a single unlock would be too much for this particular item, as its not just a vanity item. It helps producing materials with no additional costs.

For such an item, the best situation would be an expensive purchase to unlock access to it and a single item sent to mail, and and then less expensive purchases for extra ones you may get.
Something like 800 for the item, then 50-200 for additional ones.

Or maybe an increasing discount until any extra ones are free after 8-16 or so, so altaholics that get more character slots do not get punished for that.

No exceptions

Molten Alliance Mining Pick, suggestion.

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Posted by: Matchstick.3780


I second that the Molten Alliance Pick should be account bound. With the item being limited time and character bound it hinders anyone who might be looking to change alts.

I want to main my Guardian instead of my Necro and would like to retain use of my Molten Alliance pick; not like I even have the option to buy a second one anymore.