Pride March Tyria 2017

Pride March Tyria 2017

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Posted by: Trina.9625


We welcome all open-minded Tyrians and advocates of equal rights to attend Pride March Tyria 2017. We especially invite those gender identity and sexual orientation minorities to gather for support and solidarity. The march will begin June 24 half an hour past daily achievement reset time at Tangle Root Outpost [&BHAHAAA=] where we will march to Field of the Fallen [&BKUEAAA=] in Lion’s Arch. There we shall spend a day in mourning and remembrance of those in our community who cannot join us in person. The march will pick up again June 25 at the same time and head to its end point at The Hawke Heart [&BBsEAAA=].

Note that these times are intended for the US servers and if the EU servers organize a co-event it likely will have different times in order to be more convenient for their prime server times.

The march timing is intended to give 10-15 minutes leeway time per map for fun, screenshots, ease loading times, and allow easier grouping/meet up times.

Saturday times: Brisban Wildlands 40 min, Kessex Hills 40 min, Gendarran Fields 30 min

Sunday times: Gendarran Fields 15 min, Snowden Drifts 40 min, Frostgorge Sound 40 min, Fireheart Rise 30 min, Iron Marches 30 min, Blazeridge Steppes 45 min, Fields of Ruin 30 min

We ask that participants keep to Say, Party, and Squad chat to minimize impact on non-participants. We also ask that participants refrain from engaging trolls, bigots, etc and instead block and report as necessary.

Volunteers and organizers will be greatly appreciated. If there is a demand from the community to create a roster of such I will be glad to oblige.

For those who might complain to the necessity of such I offer this: We shall march until the day when we are no longer harassed, attacked, and killed for being who we are. The easiest way to put an end to it all is simply to help foster a world of peace and tolerance.

Some reminders and thoughts to consider on this advent:

I. Live life well and fully, and waste nothing.
The pursuit of happiness is oft thought to be a basic human right. To be able to live your life like any other, secure in who you are and who you love is a goal we can all share.

II. Do not fear difficulty. Hard ground makes stronger roots.
While we can hope for a time when such strength and courage to simply be oneself, we are not yet there. Until such time, gather those things to stand tall and proud in who you are.

III. The only lasting peace is the peace within your own soul.
We cannot change minds that do not wish to be changed but we can nurture the peace we desire within ourselves and hope that in time it will take root in others.

IV. All things have a right to grow. The blossom is brother to the weed.
Humanity is a diverse and beautiful thing, we need not agree with each other but nothing is served by alienating those different from ourselves.

V. Never leave a wrong to ripen into evil or sorrow.
Many who have chosen to believe in the ideologies that oppose our lives are in a way victims as well, having allowed ideas that would harm others to take root and grow within them. Consider pitying that such dis-ease has taken root and grows within them and sorrow that they may never know so many wonderful persons as our community holds. At the same time, try to wash such ideas from oneself rather than give into the hate and bigotry or its mirrored counterpart against those in the majorities.

VI. Act with wisdom, but act.
It is upon each of us to do what we can to promote love and tolerance however we can. We cannot guarantee others will do such for us or without us.

VII. From the smallest blade of grass to the largest mountain, where life goes – so too should you go.
Wherever you may live, whatever you may do, this world is everyone’s and all places should be safe places supporting all who can live and let live.

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Pride March Tyria 2017

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Just thought I’d drop the EU-side info:

OpenCommunity has also already committed to organizing Pride March Tyria EU in June, like we did last year, and have pencilled in June 24th as the planned date. Huzzah!

Just like last year, we are also hoping to raise money for a sponsored LGBTQ+ related charity (last year it was the Pulse Fund for the victims of the Orlando Pulse club shooting), and we might have even more shinies to give away to those who decide to donate to the cause!

We’ll be posting more details mid-May as we are currently focusing on the Toga Party for Multiple Sclerosis with Gamers Giving Back which will be held on May 13th (!

For more information on Tyria Pride EU, please contact me in-game (Lelling.6795) or directly via a private message on our website at

Cyan Vei | whole bunch of other alts
[DV] Leader, OpenCommunity admin

Pride March Tyria 2017

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Posted by: Gaile Gray

Gaile Gray

ArenaNet Communications Manager

I attended the Pride March last year, and it was a fun and worthwhile event. I treasure the memory and the message! Those who are organizing this have put a lot of thought into the event, and I hope to see a lot of Guild Wars 2 players on June 24th!

Gaile Gray
Communications Manager
Guild & Fansite Relations; In-Game Events

Pride March Tyria 2017

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Posted by: Yailith.4056


I LOVED this event last year! Time to get my Charr ready again! <3