Dungeon Patch 10/23 - Holiday

Dungeon Patch 10/23 - Holiday

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Posted by: Robert Hrouda.1327

Robert Hrouda.1327

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Dungeons now award karma on completion. The first-time karma reward for completing the story of a dungeon is larger than subsequent story runs. The first time per day a player completes an explorable path for a dungeon, the karma reward equals (Player Level) * 23.5. For the rest of the day, subsequent runs of the same path will reward karma equal to (Player Level) * 9.5.

Ascalonian Catacombs

Fixed an area where players could get outside the map in the Flooded Temple.
Caudecus’s Manor
Gunpowder Morgan’s maximum range and damage have been updated.

Sorrow’s Embrace

Inquest Grenadiers have been reassigned to a new task; some new enemies await on the long road.
Kreutzerova will no longer prioritize a player at the dungeon entrance when first encountered.
Nokk’s Gravity Distortion now properly displays the time you are distorted.
Shukov’s golems now properly display during his event.
Shukov’s mark II golem has had its electric field updated to be a bit more dangerous now.
The lava in some areas is now behaving as lava should.

Twilight Arbor

The maximum range of Nightmare Vines has been increased.