Fix Dungeon Chest/Boss Rewards

Fix Dungeon Chest/Boss Rewards

in Fractals, Dungeons & Raids

Posted by: Shiren.9532


I keep getting frustrated with the GW2 economy and how end game itemisation for chase items seems to be based around the value of chase materials (notably the tier 6 rare materials) or incredibly rare drops, and then I see the hardest content in the game (dungeons) have such shallow rewards while my guild mates who sit in town flipping items on the TP and checking their spread sheets are running around the game in the flashiest gear available – all because GW2 seems to have so much of it’s itemisation geared towards epic RNG grinds that cater almost exclusively to the rich, while the content (like dungeons) are barren of rewards outside of their token sets. How about we kill two birds with one stone?

Use all the existing rare and chase weapons and skins that are currently exclusive to incredibly grindy recipes and distribute them amongst champion boss chests around the world and dungeon boss drops or chest throughout the dungeons with realistically achieveable drop rates (like 5-10%). This can add character and meaning to the loot tables of dungeons, give players a cosmetic incentive to keep running the dungeon after completing their token set and reinvigorate the idea that you can play how you want to play. Instead of constantly feeling like we need to flip items on the TP to get the fiery great sword, it can also be acquired as a low chance (5%) account bound drop rate from the Sorrow’s Embrace dungeon. If that’s too easy for all the items, play with it a little.

Add an additional recipe made of account bound items that drop specific components from a variety of difficult content types (the Megadestroyer can drop one piece, specific bosses in Sorrow’s Embrace, Citadel of Flames or other dungeons can drop other pieces, one piece can be bought for karma from a difficult chain event, all four combine to make the weapon). This allows players to actually play through content without intense RNG grind that basically forces use of the TP and instead rewards actively searching out and accessing content in the world to create their gear (there’s a better lore story and adventure behind this as well). It’s a lot more exciting than flipping items on the TP until you have enough mats, or running CoF over and over to farm the gold and ecto needed to buy/make whatever it is you want.

Make the path of least resistance an immersive journey through Tyria, those that love flipping and playing the TP will still take the lazy route and buy their items, but those who love actually playing the game and accessing content will enjoy hunting down specific items from specific bosses or dungeons without feeling like their time is an endless boring grind that would much easier and less tedious if they flipped a bunch of items or farmed the most efficient dungeon for gold and ecto. When you are chasing a cosmetic item and the cosmetic items are dropped by specific bosses in specific dungeon, it doesn’t matter which dungeon yields the most gold in the least amount of time, when the item is earned as a drop instead of a purchase for gold, you can’t bypass that by picking an easier path or an easier dungeon.

There are a lot of weapon sets which don’t have level 80 exotic versions (all the cultural weapons, things like centaur weapon skins and others which could be utilised in this way) and a lot of ones which are exclusive to ridiculous RNG recipe grinds. These items could be distributed as rewards specific to bosses and events encouraging a distribution of players amongst the events that award them. Make the drop rates encouraging enough for players to feel like it’s a good investment of their time but also make them account bound so that you earn them rather than just buy them.

Take the grind out and put more game into the itemisation of GW2. Use some of your already existing resources to boost the viability and desirability of the content in the game. Add more of a journey, some character and adventure to the hunt for exotic weapons (even some skins like the masquerade PvP light armor, or the personal story rewards that can’t be accessed any other way and are lost forever if you delete or don’t choose them), make the rewards for playing through the world and group content more robust and players will come back. I’d rather earn an item from killing a dungeon boss several times and getting it as a drop (even if it only takes me 20 runs to get it) than grind CoF path 1 endlessly for gold, mats and ecto simply to buy whatever mats I need for the skin I want. Sacrifice some of the grind but encourage people to access unique content, I believe that will create a more rewarding experience for most of us.