Guild Wars 2: #Solo ?

Guild Wars 2: #Solo ?

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Posted by: Unavi.8760


Hello, community!

It has been a while since I have played Guild Wars 2, I was forced to make a clean install on my personal computer due to software problems, trash and all sorts of other problems. Now that I have installed Guild Wars 2 again yesterday, I’ve stumbled across a problem, which, I hope the community would help me solve. Just a heads up, it’s another ‘What profession should it be’ topic. (FORGIVE ME!)

I want to be able to solo the game as much as possible, die as few times as possible. Of course, the world will be explored, all events will be played but what is important to me, is that I’m able to take on as much beasts and foes on my own. Now I’ve seen all sorts of answers; “Pick a Mesmer, a Warrior, a Guardian!” which, I don’t really find anything useful on as no arguments are used for their choice. And of course, since it’s almost been like what, two months, that I haven’t played, there must’ve been many updates and patches that (perhaps) included nerfs for different professions. So, I would very much appreciate it if you lot could help me out here!

Thanks in advance, and happy holidays!


Guild Wars 2: #Solo ?

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Posted by: GuzziHero.2467


You want to survive forever? Necro. I swear, if I put my mind to it, I could WC using necro and 0 deaths, except for the WvWvW parts.

Guild Wars 2: #Solo ?

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Posted by: Khisanth.2948


Having solo at least 50% for the world on every class my suggestion is just to roll some dice.

You can do that with any class as long as you learn to handle the class well enough.

People may cry a lot about changes but ultimately it doesn’t really make that big of a difference. For solo open world exploration nerfs are really not a big deal.

Guild Wars 2: #Solo ?

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Posted by: Freeelancer.2860


Warrior was and still is the easiest and one of the most effective classes for PvE. As for reasons: highest base HP pool, highest base armor rating, highest mobility, high damage, low skill floor, viable ranged and melee options and absolutely no downsides.. No other class gives you so much room for error as warrior does, and no other class has as many strengths and no weaknesses.

For example, first character I navigated Orr with was an Ele traited for survivability and while I didn’t have any difficulties I still had to avoid some mobs and be on my toes.
Now I’m currently moving through Orr with full zerk warrior and it’s like I’m taking a stroll through Queensdale.. I have time to admire the architecture, read inscriptions, explore, do event chains and what not.

Guild Wars 2: #Solo ?

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Posted by: Julischka Bean.7491

Julischka Bean.7491

Hi Unavi. Happy Christmas Eve.

I have read and digested a lot of these “What is best to solo” threads but this is the first time I have responded with what I feel works best.

As you have probably heard already, due to us humans all being different with differing amount of keyboarding talent, differing likes and dislikes…and…I suspect many here are afraid to share their favorite for fear the Devs will get that dreaded" Scarlet" sparkle in their eyes , grab their trusty nerf bat, and start swinging away cackling “Die, DIE, DIE” You alone are probably the only one who can decide what is best for you.

BUT, luckily for you, it is fun to try out different classses in Guildwars2 because in open world PVE all can solo…this is coming from someone who is so much of a clutz I don’t team for fear of dragging my team down and getting mightly jeered at before I get kicked out of the team.

What I did when I first started this game is I made a Guardian, and a Warrior, and switched off playing them. It did not take me long to notice that my Guardian was surviving things my Warrior could not. Conditions were such a pita to me I shelved my Warrior and took my guardian to 80, and made another guardian, and another, I have a guardian of every race….oh me.

Months later, I discovered crafting and crafted my warrior to 80.

The difference between a low level warrior, and a warrior with all the traits and exotic armor was astounding. Astounding enough that I now have several warriors in my stable.

I learned my lesson from this shelving of my Warrior before I had really given her a chance, and starting playing other classes with the result I have a level 80 Elementalist, Necro, Ranger, Engineer, and level 77 Thief.

My favorite of all my tribe is a spunky little Asura Guardian who uses her racial slot skills quite often. According to the forum peeps, racial skills are not that good, but nobody told my Asura that

She Technobabbles, and Radiates, and Reflects her way all through The Cursed Shore…and mostly lives to laugh about it.

Anyways, sorry about my long winded answer. My advice is to find a class that sounds like something you would like to play, decide on a race, and go for it….stick with it at least to 40. At 40 you get enough traits under your belt to get a glimpse as to how life at 80 might be.

Good luck, and most importantly, have fun


Guild Wars 2: #Solo ?

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Posted by: Gbok.1039


You just need to try classes to find one you enjoy. That one will be the one that is the easiest to solo the game with. Every class can do it fine. Some just take a little more time to shine through leveling.

But believe me when I tell you to not go by what others may classify as the “easiest” class. Just find what you enjoy and go with that. It will be a better experience for you that way and the game will just feel better. That in turn will make it “easy” for you to level.

Fort AspenwoodSoul Exodus[Soul] Finxx – 80 Ranger

Guild Wars 2: #Solo ?

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Posted by: Kulvar.1239


I want to be able to solo the game as much as possible

You can already solo. It’s called a RPG without the MMO prefix that imply that the game is intended to be play with people.

Otherwise, every profession can solo a part of the game content.

Guild Wars 2: #Solo ?

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Posted by: Duke Nukem.6783

Duke Nukem.6783

the game worlds are so empty we solo enough as is dont u think….

Guild Wars 2: #Solo ?

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Posted by: Tommyknocker.6089


the game worlds are so empty we solo enough as is dont u think….

Some of us, me included, like to roam about solo. And if asked why I would prefer this over a single player game I have just to point out that those games may see one or two updates every year or so; usually a few patches and nothing more. This game not only has frequent updates, but with the holiday events it gives this old guy the feeling of the holidays he doesn’t get at home.

Back on topic, play what feels right to you, I took 3 classes to 80 before I found what fit for me. Good luck in your search, and remember there are no wrong ways to enjoy yourself here.

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Guild Wars 2: #Solo ?

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Posted by: Beldin.5498


I managed to play a warrior and ranger to level 80 without dying so far

Guild Wars 2: #Solo ?

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Posted by: Paulytnz.7619


Any class is perfectly fine if you go with toughness gear and possibly invest into the trait lines that give you better healing/defence support. Done this on my 1st 7 chars to world complete.

Only my 8th did I try going the “zerker” route. Doing that I had little problems and I would say I completed it a heck of a lot faster. But if this is your first char I would suggest the toughness route until you are very used to the game/your class and how the enemy AI/maps work.

Good Luck

Since when did this business of being a hero become being a business?

Guild Wars 2: #Solo ?

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Posted by: Allisa Wonderland.8192

Allisa Wonderland.8192

I’ve 80’d them all and have 3 world completions.

A Minion Necro is the way to go, because you have a truckload of mob distractions!

I use Axe and Warhorn and feel pretty much unstoppable.

It’s the one class I’ve 80’d two of so far.

Guild Wars 2: #Solo ?

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Posted by: Jongi.7612


They all have strengths when it comes to pve and you just have to play to those strengths. There are way too much to list about every class but if you want to aoe down mobs i wouldnt really go with a necromancer. Their wells are on kind of a long cd, their weapons dont have a cleave unless you go condition with scepter dagger and staff.

Try the classes to around level 10, read the traits and abilities and pick what you think is most fun or what could be fun once you get that ability you want. I havent played them all but i can tell you i personally dont like the elementalist, no weapon swap no thanks, even if it does have 4 attunements.

Guild Wars 2: #Solo ?

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Posted by: GuildWarsPlayer.5608


I’ve soloed most of the pve map with Warrior, Guardian,Mesmer and Elementalist. Out of those 4 the Elementalist was by far the toughest. I’m currently working on A Thief reason being, I was told it’s easy to get 100 % map completion because you are able to sneak by certain champs and achieve certain challenges without fighting.

Guardian was the easiest followed by Warrior next, for me atleast.

Guild Wars 2: #Solo ?

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Posted by: Paul.4081


My main is a Necro (Sylvari, also have a Norn Necro) as it was in the original GW. I’ve gotten the map completion star with her and if ever my guild is doing a meta boss train she is my go to gal. I’ve got 10 alt’s which were fun to play for a change (except my Ele which I just don’t seem to get or find fun, even though I took it to 80) but I feel most comfortable playing as a Necro, probably because I’ve spent the lions share of my time on GW2 playing her.

I’d say my other favourite professions in order are Ranger, Thief then Mesmer (currently getting Mes to 80, only toon not at 80). My Warrior and Guardians (2) were fun as was my lil Asuran Engineer but whenever new LS comes out I’ll go straight back to my Necro.

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Guild Wars 2: #Solo ?

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Posted by: laokoko.7403


I can’t remember how many world completion I have. Since I quit this game for a while.

I think warrior is a good starting class to learn. But I dont’ think the difference is important. I probably can finish my world completion even faster on rogue. Just because it have great mobility.

The biggest trick is actually learn to use consumable. Try to check for utility item you can buy, that’ll make map completion much easier. For example seed turret or sky kit.