Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: ShelBlackblood.7826


Ok, so I made 95 blooms today. 4 maps, 1x 9 stacks, 2x 12 stacks and 1x 17 stacks without any tagging/event leeching.

The ONE thing im STILL very unhappy about is the blooms/vendor ratio. If it stays like this – I won’t grind these events since tagging is still supported by the system – at Sunday, I can only afford one of the skins.

Only. One. This is really frustrating. The most enjoyable event contrary to that was for me the Zephyrite area. I wasn’t forced to grind but could still buy over half of the exclusive items the vendors have sold.

Please let this events last for at least 2-4 weeks or reduce the currency prices at the vendors. It would be a shame to leave those skins behind :(

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Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: WingLegacy.7159


Anet should have done like SW reward system. They never learned…..

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: Gaebriel.3754


A shame that the event kinda stumbled out of the gate, hopefully my thoughts below may be of some use:

This event sounded like it was primarily aimed at new players, so I think it would’ve been a good idea for the defeated enemies to reward two of the staple things you get from participating in events throughout the game: XP and karma.

While I’d love for some oldschool loot fest (that’s how even I managed to get gold back in the days :P), I understand that it’s not without its problems and min max people will likely be farming the most efficient enemies at the cost of everything else. So giving map based rewards is a good solution to that, however the tier system encourages people to play selfishly. Maybe a better idea to scrap the tiered rewards entirely, and give the entire map the same reward based on how well it performed, and thus encouraging better team play.

This might be an unpopular opinion, but what about disabling a zone’s waypoints during the course of an invasion event? Lorewise, it has already happened that Mordrem managed to disrupt waypoints here and there. Gamewise, it rules out the ‘need’ to waypoint all over the map and thus at the same time the associated high participation cost for new players. It also introduces a temporary inconvenience, which is a good thing…since invasions are bad! I think it will also spread out the map’s population better, encouraging smaller roaming groups as opposed to huge zergs. I’d say, even increase the chaos and the chance of zergs, by temporarily disabling commander icons, but I might get chased out with pitchforks. :P

I think the available rewards are mostly good. There’s a nice selection of skins, mini’s, and other old stuff. A few new things would’ve been nice though, for the completionists who already have everything (even though I really can’t fathom that haha). Some are completely out of place, such as that luck token. The reward costs are waaaaaaaay too high though, they seem completely unachievable for the majority of players (or at least I hope so lol) that doesn’t play 24/7. I think a good ratio for a limited time event, is being able to earn a medium cost reward in an evening of play, or a high cost reward in let’s say two evenings. That way most players that intend to participate have a shot at one of the prizes, but if you want the rarest stuff, you have to play a little more. Now I can be totally wrong on this, but I’m not a reward oriented player in the slightest and none of the fashion from this event is ‘must have’ for me. :P

Last but not least, crappy event or not, I think that some player reactions I’ve seen in map chat are completely overblown and bordering on the hysterical. I mean, I get it that people are disappointed, I prefer functioning events too, and I don’t have all the time in the world either. But I’ve seen so many temper tantrums and doomsday prophets in map chat repeating their chant on how much everything sucks, over and over and over, through multiple maps. At some points it was such a cacophony of tiresome bile and hatred repeated into eternity, that I wonder if those people even play games for enjoyment anymore. If something like bugged event rewards make people react like that, I wonder what happens if they want to like…go for a smoke and their lighter breaks. :P

Oh well! Hopefully my thoughts has been of some use.

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: Donari.5237


One very important piece of information you could give us asap is whether you intend to have another round of these invasions, or at least if the vendor will stick around permanently until HoT releases.

The reason is that if as of Monday morning I’ll have collected all the blooms I’ll ever get, I might as well buy what I can afford with them even if I don’t have 450. But if in a couple of weeks we get another chance at blooms, well, then I’d hold onto what I have so far. If I spend them and then learn I’ve “wasted” them on smaller stuff than what I wanted, I’ll be irked. On the other hand if I hold onto them and you yank the vendor, then I’ll have an inventory slot wasted and nothing to show for all my event grinding.

So please, even if it’s only on the order of “we might repeat this and give you time to get more blooms after some event tweaks on our end, but don’t worry, the vendor won’t skip town until HoT either way,” then I (and others) can hold on to what we have and spend closer to HoT if no more bloom sources have arisen.

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: Kimmuriel.3495


I did not play for very long because I got frustrated, but these were my biggest complaints (in order of importance):
Firstly, I was killing enemies during an event, and in a party, and my party killed enemies too, and I did not tag the event but my party did. I guess it was because I was hitting the mobs that spawned early, and not the ones that spawned at the end.
Depending where you stand at the end of the event you have no chance of hitting the end-spawned mobs before the zerg nukes them.

Then, it was too much random running around for me, I would prefer some kind of logical path to the events, not just them popping up wherever.
Lastly, the scarlet and mawdrey boxes have a unhelpful descriptions.

All in all, I do not feel I can succeed in getting one skin by participating casually, and I do not think that the effort of doing the frustrating participation 3 times/hours a day is worth it. (Would still be sort of casually time-wise but not frustration-level-wise) Also the rewards I do think I can get seem to me to be not very good and I would put any blooms earned in the bank, hoping they will be useful some day, rather than getting a less expensive thing for them.

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: glutularphysics.7923


I’m one of the people who was pretty frustrated by The Lost Shores, due to living outside the US and having a job/school to try and fit these events in around. A lot of my friends were very disappointed with this event from the outset, because it again requires you to be avaliable for a rather short window of time, and dedicate yourself pretty hard to it if you want to ensure you get the rewards you want. Another friend only realised last night that because they’d missed the first few rounds, they wouldn’t be able to get both sets of armour with the limited time left for the event. That changed things from “I’ll just have to work hard” to “oh” pretty fast. You guys learned a lot from The Lost Shores, it feels weird to see you slip back into those mistakes again.

I do think there were some good ideas with this event. If it wasnt for the stress of limited duration vs the bloom aquisition problems everyone else has already gone into, the small invasion events themselves would be pretty relaxing and fun because of their scaling and design. Brining back old items as event rewards is fantastic, even if I doubt I’ll be able to get the toxic skins I’ve been wanting since their original sale. Most of the nastiness of the Scarlet invasion events was avoided too – most of it.

Anyway thanks for being as honest and on top of things as usual Gaile. It probably sucks for you guys that this kind of smaller event didnt really work out, but hopefully this kind of transparency will help a lot of people swallow their disappointment, myself included.

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: Rococo.8347


Im still holding on to some event tokens from 2013


- I need to know really if I should stop at 225 for the one item or keep going because these blossoms will at least be collectable in the future…

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: Daenerys.1936


I got disconnected during the Kessex run just this past hour, came back into it in time to do another 14 stacks of the event buff, but then never received the blooms at the end. I see this is an ongoing issue. Hope there is fix soon to at least reward the people who got dc’d.

Too bad also that the events couldn’t have been more frequent in like 2 hour blocks rather than 4 hour blocks. 20 mins Brisban, 10 m break, 20 mins Kessex, 10 min break, then 20 mins Diessa, with a 40 min break before the cycle starts again. Then grant 1 bloom for every 1 stack or if you wanted to keep it in increments of 5 then make it so you get 15 blooms with 15 stacks rather than at 20 stacks.

Also a 4 day grind is going to be really really tough for a lot of people.

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: Olcon.9506


Forgive bad formatting or spelling mistakes in advance, I’m typing this on my phone.

Issues I’ve recognized from what little I’ve experienced and what I’ve read:

The event forces players to compete against one another, not cooperate:

This is a big one because it runs contrary to what I, and probably many others, enjoy about this game. In standard dynamic events, your fellow players are welcomed because it’s a purely symbiotic relationship. Events get done quicker, loot is better, and there’s no leeching of experience or rewards.

In this Mordrem event, players are competing against one another. Each person has their own individual buff that counts the number of events completed, which compels players to “tag” events and then escape to the next to maximize rewards. People are insistent to get there before everyone else because they want their loot, kitten it!

Possible solutions?: Instead of having an individual buff showing how much you’ve completed, why not make that buff map wide? Track the progress of how many events have been completed overall, and then give out bonus rewards to everyone based on how long they’ve been in the map. Since the event started? Max rewards. For 15 minutes? 60% rewards. 5 minutes? 10% rewards. That prevents leeching and piggybacking, but still pushes people to work with each other, which is what GW2 events are all about.

ninja edit: literally Gold/Silver/Bronze, with diminishing rewards as you go down the tiers.

Monetary prerequisites lock new players out of the rewards:

This one is fairly simple, and I’m not sure why you guys didn’t consider it before you released the event. Who expects a level 20 free player to have ten gold on them? Really? They shouldn’t be in there. If needed, boost the bloom cost a fraction or two, but at least make it possible for new players to get the best reward if they put a ton of effort in. That, or just have the mobs drop money.

Mordrem give no drops:

I understand why you guys did this, actually. From what I can tell (and I’m probably wrong), this event was based on Scarlet’s invasions during S1. People farmed the champions for loot bags and didn’t bother actually doing the event. To counteract this, the Mordrem drop absolutely zilch.

I do think this was an overreaction, especially because this event was supposed to entice new players and it’s the first event in the game since it’s gone free to play. Why not have them drop experience? Money? I understand that you wanted to prevent people from farming excessive amounts of gold during this event and flooding the market with currency. In that case, why not have champions drop blooms that scale negatively depending on how many people are currently completing that particular event?

What I mean is, if only five people are there killing that champion or doing that event, and they manage to somehow do it, reward them with something like 5 blooms. As the number of people increases, the rewards lessen, because obviously it’s going to be easier to kill that champion or complete that event. Everyone there gets one bloom. This will encourage people to spread out across the map instead of zerging everything down at a rapid fire speed.

If nothing else, at least have killing a spawner or completing a localized event reward you with like a bloom or three, like it currently is with the remaining Toxic events and Spore Samples. Spawner on the hill? That’s fine, just dump the rewards right into the inventory or give them through a chest.

That’s all I got currently. I do appreciate you guys recognizing that there’s something wrong, it takes a lot of balls to admit you goofed up and many developers would rather just push it under the rug and feign ignorance. +10 respect, Anet.

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Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: BrotherBelial.3094


Ideas for improvement:

  • XP, Loot, Karma, Event Reward Tokens, and Gold dropping from individual enemies that are tied to the event.
  • The Event vendor should not charge gold for rewards. When they do, it can’t be considered a reward. On top of that, with no gold dropping from the enemies in said event, the vendor is relegated to being a gold sink.
  • The zones being used during an event should have dynamic events endemic to the zones cancelled during the special event so that they aren’t overlapping. It’s haphazard and makes the special events feel tacked on.
  • Rewards should be plentiful. This is the first content you have given us in 8+ months. To have it be less rewarding than the content that has been in the game for 3 years doesn’t inspire desire to participate in the new events.
  • The new AI for Heart of Thorns should be employed in the enemy design of the Mordrem spawning in the new event. You say we can’t have old events like SAB back because it doesn’t work with the new server tech and yet you fail to deploy the new tech in a new event? That’s a head scratcher at the very least.
  • There should be new loot to go along with returning loot. There are vets that have all those rewards. To go without any new playable content in this game for 8+ months and then get what is supposed to be new content and have the rewards be old rewards doesn’t inspire desire to return.
  • A boss encounter should have been included. New creature designs from HoT should have been included.
  • Champion Bags from slaying Champions should have been included.
  • A title could have been included.
  • Achievement points could have been rewarded.

This post covers all of my issues with this event, from both a veteran’s and new player’s perspective.

My only message to anet for future events, please reward players appropriately for their time. This has been stated over and over and over in player feedback for all of the events that have happened these past 3 years.

I will no longer tolerate anything less. There are many games available that handle rewarding player’s time much better than was demonstrated with this event.

I 100% agree with this. This event is a joke that it just “robbing” players of there gold. I took part in one wave, saw I was out of pocket and didn’t get any reward, logged off and went and did something else. Disappointed will not even begin to cover it.

I have also though about this event as a new player/p4f player who has never seen a open world event like this before. I asked my self one simple question. What would I do, if I had not been playing this game for the last 3 years. The answer was a simple one. The last 3 day event, (the first south sun event, that was also an invasions event) was a disaster. I stopped playing for some time after, he only thing that got back playing was that I had payed for the game, and I had really enjoyed GW1, so I gave the game another go. Now if I was a p4f player, I would look at this as the standard set up. See the rage in, and just walk away. I’ve not invested money in it, good job too. Just uninstall and walk.

Now that got me thinking, how many p4f accounts have been abandoned after this. How many pay for players will now be taking a brake. How has this affected expectations of HoT.

This mess of an event might have done more damage than ANet or us as players realize.

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Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: Joopy.6547


This is the first world event that all the free-to-play players get to experience. Poor people…

0 loot drops, 0 experience, 0 karma, 0 copper/silver. Mobs die quite quickly in these low zones with the zergs. It’s easy to jump into one of these events and get bronze reward or none.
You people have done great patches in the past. This feels rushed. More thought was needed.
Should have copy-pasta’d the Scarlet event and just change the Aetherblade’s for Mordrem.
The unique event tasks are nice. Please keep adding events with different objectives.

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Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: Lord Scave.4835

Lord Scave.4835

I don’t typically use the forum but I feel it is time that I add my voice to this. I have been watching a trend in the recent events that I really think is not productive to drawing in the players.

That trend is lack of loot.

What is the point of doing an event (especially this one) when the only reward is something that you get at the end of the entire subevent (10 blossoms typically)?

What happened to champs dropping bags?

Why do I carry around Magic Find food if there is nothing to use it on?

Everyone always talks about the Halloween event because it is a great place to farm for loot. The reason this event is becoming so popular is because all the other events suck in comparison.

ANET you need to bring the loot tables back into your events if you want people to actually be happy about grinding the event for the rewards.

I for one know that I have little to no motivation to do this current event as I dont really care too much about minis and the skins arent that cool. If there was loot that dropped I would be much happier about doing the events since there was a chance my high magic find and foods could net me an exotic or something that made it worth my time.

People will continue to do the event because we have been so starved for new content that we will take anything at this point but Anet your players should NOT feel this way and should be happy about playing an event, not bitter that the effort/reward ratio is crap.

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Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: Nep Leet.5491

Nep Leet.5491


ANet has not had an event before with so many “misses” (specific issues are being posted about in this thread). This event is not at all representative of the quality (high quality) of past GW2 events.

Because this event went live, it begs the questions:
- How/why was this event allowed to go live? Many issues with this event were immediately obvious to the players—surely the developers are extremely cognizant of those negatives/pitfalls during development, and these issues could have been prevented.
- Is this event (and its issues) at all indicative of what future content will be like (specifically HoT events)? This is concerning, considering this event was allowed to go live in its current state.
- Hopefully lessons will be learned from this, but it is disconcerting that these lessons had to be learned at all at this stage of the game, considering the age of the game and the experience of the development team.

Here’s to better adventures in the future!

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Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: Ampa.2749


I played a few times Thursday night. First impression: OMG it’s just like daily events in the lower level maps: can’t get there fast enough, everything dies fast, then we all run somewhere else. Someone at Anet thinks this is a good thing?

The lack of drops made me wonder as I was playing “Is this thing on?” or am I just abusing myself hoping for something later?

But I don’t really care about the drop rate because the bloom vendors don’t have anything I want anyway.. I’m not an end-game player and skins don’t mean anything to me. I just wanted to have some fun. I think I’ll skip the rest of this event.

But it seems like what we needed for beginners was a ‘beginners only’ area. I think the advertisement for the event said ‘be level 18’ or something like that. Perhaps it should say ‘suitable for 18-50’ so veteran players would stay away and not zerg the crap out of it. But what about veterans. Events don’t seem to scale well in general to zergs, particularly in low level maps. If we could solve that problem then we might have some better times in dailies too.

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Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: commnagrom.8637


Things this event did right:

- fun, not zergy events: the three different invasion events were distinguished from the usual zergfest and it was a welcome change.

- bringing back LS1 rewards: this is both a good and bad thing, the non-gem store rewards were nice to see back, the gem store ones were nice too but they should have just been put back into the gem store for the duration of the event, not made available for anyone willing to grind.

Things this event did wrong:

- no rewards of any kind beyond blooms: no exp, karma, or loot is a bad idea! Even if it was just level appropriate for the zones at least it would be SOMETHING, but grinding events for 3 hours to get 90 blooms and nothing else is a joke! How are f2p accounts supposed to have fun participating if they don’t get anything for doing it!

- making gem store items available for blooms: I didn’t get a chance to buy the scarlet or toxic skins when they were available so I’m glad they are back, but they should have just been available as gem store purchases instead of the be-all end-all rewards of the event

- rewarding uncooperative behavior: the tag and abandon style of these events is toxic, I myself engaged in it just to see how many events I could tag in the 30m and I got to 26 stacks. This is a terrible design for events! It makes new players think that our community is all about being greedy and taking what you can get!

How to fix this and future events:

1. Let mobs give exp and level appropriate loot, let events give level appropriate karma, gold, and exp

2. Never understand any circumstances put gem store items into the game as obtainable without converting gold to gems!

3. Make the meta event give the majority of the event rewards instead of the individual rewards (you know like the scarlet invasion that these events are based on!)

4. Listen to the community and make sure that this fiasco never happens again!

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: lilypop.7819


As commented elsewhere.

In pve zerg like fights the targeting system is poor, when you have mass mobs and the only indication of your target is a red arrow above a red tag you have little idea at time – especially with fast dying mobs – who your target is.

Better would be to make the target arrow a different colour from red, or at least allow the player to select the colour or symbol separately, example being a blue diamond.

I would also advise against the need to heedlessly run around in such zone – not only is this boring you’re trashing the original content. One idea may be to allow commanders to ‘drop’ temporary – and free – WPs. The name of the WP would go with the commanders name tag (there is actually an item in the game that allows you to port friends to your location so I don’t see this being to OOT). No useable outside core PvE zones. This would also encourage commanders to split reducing the sizes of zergs, maybe, as only commanders would have to do all the running about otherwise.

I would also suggest that mobs always drop XP. To lvl 80s this is not big thing but to lower level players/characters it’s a big boost – especially if you’re tired of solo grinding Hearts you have done X times before.

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Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: Synnro.6597


Figured I would post some feedback.

Not sure how valuable this will be since I’m basically a new player (haven’t played since release).

I was roaming around the level 15-25 zones while I grinded out some levels when I saw one of the mordrem events pop up near me. I figured I would participate in a few since events in this game tend to give pretty good exp and loot. Sadly, there was neither. In all honesty I would have been happy with just an exp reward.

The content itself seemed fairly enjoyable although a little bit zergy. Personally, I enjoy the zerg but I could see that other people might not. Most of the mobs seemed to die before I could even gap-close to them. The instant-kill forcefield was a little ruthless, but it only got me once and some friendly person revived me straight away.

tl;dr content fine, pls add exp

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: Kilre.5401


I know it’s been said already, but I’ll throw my hat in, too:

The invasions during the first LW season I thought, while zerg-y, had a good feel to the fights and rewards. I mean, running into a whole pack of elite Pirates that would decimate half of a zerg was pretty fun, and rewarding.

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: bwillb.2165


I can see why anet disabled loot from monster kills…i mean..otherwise there would be some vines that players would “lock” and harvest the endless waves of monsters that spawn.

Finding endless waves of mordrem to farm in the silverwastes isn’t exactly hard.

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: zayshiasin.8530


I’m really happy Anet gave us a way to earn the toxic shoulders and other cool awards. I have done the event 4 times and earned 85 blooms. It’s tough to keep up and get at least 10 stacks, but I kind of got the hang of it. I just want those shoulders for my necro! I hope the bugs can get worked out so everyone can enjoy. ( =

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: Zev.3407


I literally fell asleep doing this event.

It’s very boring, you’re pretty much only allowed to auto attack and run around.

Nothing about this event is fun!

It’s also nothing special, nothing different than silverwastes and such(and a much worse version at that).

Events should be fun and unique and feel rewarding. Do unique fun events like races, or some random thing like (ice) fishing(just for the event not adding into the real game)

Have multiple options for us to participate, not just the same thing on 3 different maps. Why not have 3 different events on each map instead.

Also why is there such long breaks. It totally prevents you from doing something else(cus 30 mins) and stops you from continuously farming; which if the event was actually fun you wouldn’t want to stop. Its 4 hours of your time wasted for an hour and a half worth of not fun.

This event actually made you not want to stop to rez people in fear you’d not tag a mob in time. That’s a horrible design.

I can’t fathom what you guys intended “the event” to go as . . . because nothing about this event says FUN

P.S. I thought arenanet was known for having fun events, I guess people were wrong

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Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: Okamikazi.8652


Events like this needs better ratios of mobs vs players. Too many players just zerg through all the mobs which makes the event trivial like the starter zone bosses. Even if you only increase the mobs stats they only feel like dps sponges.

What would make things fun would be more enemy mechanics, not just for vets or champions, but for the normal ones as well. Silver wastes brought that but im bored of those already, bring out the new ones.

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: Greymantle.9168


My theory is that they have their heads so far into HoT that the base dev group forgot how to event lol. I tried it out to see what was what on a lowbie and was shocked to see no exp gain, no loot, and when I asked if there were any achievements people said non. I still haven’t pre ordered HoT, and if this is the new trend of event…You will not see any more money lol. I mean how can you have an event of this scale in low level areas and not even make it useful in any aspect. I can only imagine the new f2p players looking at this like why would people play this for three years, I’m not buying this lol.

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: GlitchyBat.3682


I’m more interested if we could get some kind of clearer idea of what this stuff was intended to do and what the designers were thinking along when arranging this. I imagine Anet gives Gaile and friends a limit to what they can say to the public, but I’d like if there was a bit stronger of a flow from devs to players about these things and not as much ambiguity as “event didn’t go as intended.” Not shooting the messenger, thanks for being at the podium when you can Gaile.

I think the reoccurring problems brought up in the past pages is enough so I don’t have much to add about the event itself. The designers are probably aware of this, but I’ll say it anyways: I personally think small consistent rewarding is easier to hook and engage players over large end-of-the-meta-event rewards. That’s why Silverwastes is far more popular as a place to participate, whether chest trains or event maps, than the invasion. It’s easy to have a player try to get “just one more” before leaving.

I will chime in that when I saw Watchwork Moas were a prize, I was interested. But I stick around for events to finish and got slow blossoms as a result, so it wasn’t worth the time investment, luck of tagging enough, and extra 5g. Ended up taking advantage of the slight price drop on the TP for one instead, since gold is easier and more variously obtained than blossoms.


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Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: ElSargento.6718


As in past events... I kinda get the no-loot mechanics, but no even the exp from killing dozens of vets and champs? Stressing, time consuming and the rewards depend on group of ppl that actually read the mechanics of each match, another bunch of ppl that has no idea of whats going on, and another portion of players exploiting the situation. BTW, Whats this chapter name? Is it a chapter? No achievements and no AP neither.

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: metaditch.6907


Thanks for opening up a feedback thread. I have a few thoughts to add that I hope are helpful.

The main problem I have with the event is that the way it’s structured, players are forced to compete with each other by playing tag-and-run, hoping to get their tag in before others on the map. I think one of GW2’s greatest strengths is the cooperativity it fosters in PvE, and this event runs nearly 180 the other way.
If we had a system in place like Pacman in the Silverwastes, I think that would be excellent. We already see the number of events completed on the map, and if everybody on the map were to get an equal reward based on that number, we’d be able to cooperate rather than compete.
I understand there will be freeloaders in this scenario, but I, and everyone in map or guild chat that I’ve spoken with, agrees that this event would be far more fun if it were cooperative.

The secondary issue I have is with the reward setup. It is doable to get a 450 bloom item/item set, but it requires grind, plain and simple. I don’t know what the solution is, as part of the allure of these rewards is their rarity, but GW2 is better than this. There’s far too much going on in this game to force us to grind for items; I’d rather see them in the Gem Store than require mindless tag-and-run for 4 days.

I really just hope that this is not indicative of what we can expect in HoT. This event is reminiscent of the parts of LS1, including champion farming and the worst aspect of Dragon Bash (an otherwise excellent event), that people played right before getting bored with the game and quitting for ~a year.

I hope some of this feedback is useful. Thanks for continuing to provide content and support for an excellent game.


Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: Saintcrow.6592


I’ve never posted here, but I had to chime in on this. Besides a way to retain customers, these events, coupled with the new F2P game are an advertisement for how good HoT will be.
My job in real life is event coordinator. If I messed up a chance this big and potentially lucrative to advertise and promote my company, plus managed to alienate existing customers my boss would hand me my head on a platter and probably plant his boot in my rear on the way out the door.
GW2 isn’t new any more. So it’s got to be at the top of its game to keep its players as much as add new ones.
I was planning to invite some friends to try GW2 as F2P hoping they’d buy the game/expansion. Now not only am I not, I am seriously rethinking my own prior plans to buy the expansion at the end of this month. I stuck the event out for about 35 mins last night. Started falling sleep it was so boring. If this event is in anyway what HoT will be like? No thanks.

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: Jill.1934


Thank you very much for addressing this issue on behalf of the team, Gaile. It can’t be easy to face the mob head on. If I had a way to get a pumpkin spice cookie to you right now, I would. We’ll both have to be satisfied with me eating one in your honour. XD

My issues with the event have been pretty much summed up by the rest of the posters but I’ll chime in anyway.

I feel a huge disconnect between the “guild event” that we were supposed to have and what we ended up receiving. Actually, if a few people hadn’t brought up the bit about guilds, I would’ve forgotten that this was supposed to be an event where we all worked together to push back the mordrem invasions as a unified team…instead of boning each other over to get as many events done as possible.

I don’t mind the mordrem not dropping loot, but I think the events themselves should still give experience and karma. This would be an excellent way for vets and new players to get ready for that shiny expac that’s dropping in a month in a half. Don’t know about anyone else, but I’m hoarding karma right now and I’m kind of feeling punished for wanting to participate in this event.

Right now there isn’t a lot of incentive for people not to tag and run. Someone’s earlier suggestion of having a ground chest after you defeat vines is a good one. Map-wide incentives are good too, as is having a big boss at the end of the attacks, because it brings a climax to the barrage of events in a way that a timer does not.

Once again, thanks for the listen and have a great day.

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: Null Shock.3745

Null Shock.3745

Programming in general is easy to do, but hard to be be any good at it. Coding events in an MMO of any type requires an insane amount of patience and skill. I think some of the player base doesn’t realize how hard the devs work. And, that when an event, or anything they work on, bugs out it likely bothers them more than the players. This is because they want to see people enjoy what they have worked so kitten. They are trying new things right now, some are good, some not so much. Give your feedback of course, and if you have an issue, sure. . .but please cut the Dev team some slack. If you have ever done any coding, you know how much time and patience is required. Yes this one was a bust, but they have acknowledged it, and are working to make sure everyone gets what they have earned.

My thoughts regarding future events have been repeated over and over. IT would have been better for people who can’t invest a lot of time into these events if: Enemies should drop loot, preferably blooms. Normal-Elite Mordrem=chance for 1-2 blooms, Champ= Chance at 3-5 blooms. They could have adjusted the cost so it would still be somewhat difficult to get the rewards. This event I am guessing is also geared towards people who missed a lot of the earlier gem store and event items.

Also my biggest request. . .Maybe have something like a choice of 1 account bound item that was only around for a limited time, like Aether skins, or the Mini Avatar of the Pale Tree Mini. I want that Mini. . .I have become somewhat obsessed with obtaining one some how. Through the game of course. I missed it eerytime it was in the store. Once I added gems, then got distracted by friends during Wintersday, started running the events. . . I went back the mini was not in the store. I bought some keys. Once I missed it by minutes. I checked the shop and it was there, I check to make sure I still have money in my gaming budget, then added gems. . .AND it was gone. I know it is weird, but I want that mini more than any other item in the game right now. More than the Dreamthistle Long Bow, more than the Crying Thorn Dagger(Which I want just as bad as Avatar of the Pale tree mini.). I know, I am weird.

Anyway, I played GW1 and GW2 is my favorite game at the moment. Since I bought it, I have barely touched my console, and I play just about every night. So I have faith that Arena’s Dev Team will fix everything, and it will be as fun as everything else I have played since I first started.

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: Eval.2371


I have to say, thanks for trying to do something nice for us. Sorry it blew up and then we blew up. Really.

The meta events them selves were interesting however, due to lack of loot, exp and karma they individually feel unrewarding. Which makes a large portion of the time your doing the event feel unrewarding. The mechanics of the meta events at first were interesting however, due to the grinding nature(lots of effort little reward) to get the rewards they feel like nothing more than an annoyance.

The event’s reward system where you get your loot at the end and is based off how many events you participate in does not work and promote a tag & run style of gameplay. Which results in a community fighting each other not community working towards a common goal to get rewards. The above statement is frustrating players so much that they are outright arguing and calling each other out in map chat.

Reward wise, even after the fix for players not getting rewards, the current reward scale is abysmal. When you start doing the math you realize:

  • Each event lasts 30 minutes
  • Each event has a 30 minute break before the next.
  • 1 hour break after each cycle
  • 15 tokens is the max reward.
  • Up to 60 tokens for daily.

This means one cycles worth of play is 4 hours. With only an hour and a half of it being actual event game play. Meaning over half your time is wasted. Now I personally try to go to sw to make some of my wp gold back between breaks but there is a lot of people just waiting around for the events. Players are spending more time waiting on events then playing them which is never fun.

Then the rewards from the events them selves the tokens: at most you can only get 15 per event, 45 per cycle and an additional 60 daily. To get one of the armor skins, your looking at minimal 11(including the dailies) events(or 3 cycles), which instantly equates to 14 hours of game play just for one reward. Which is unrealistic for a daily goal.

Personally I feel no more than 4 hours should be spent to get a decent reward. This allows your causal crowd and your hardcore crowd to all get rewarded. This includes your new players who have to figure out what is going on and how the game works at the same time.

The entire time I played the event my emotions cycled from: stressed out and then frustrated and finally disappointed when the rewards are handed out. I want to do the events, but I don’t feel like I am being rewarded or contributing really, I am pushing my self to try and get rewards. Frankly I don’t think I’ll be able to get a single thing I wanted(toxic shoulders and gloves). Especially when I have plans this weekend.

The whole experience has made me and my fellow guild mates give up on the event. As much as I want the loot its unrealistic for me to try. I hope that this does not become a common thing with future events, and in particular HoT rewards.

I like to be challenged, but not in a grind countless back to back hours in a short period of time. I’ve been there done that with korean MMO’s. I picked up gw2 to get out of that style of game play and events. Please in the future challenge players mechanically, not by how much time they can spare.

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Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: DaShi.1368


The awards still seem bugged since the last patch. The more events I do the less I get:

15 events = 25 drops
18 events = 20 drops
23 events = 15 drops

The map daily is completely random with either 10 or 15.

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: Xyonon.3987


Since we couldn’t really play on friday, could you PLEASE extend the event 1 or 2 days? It’s really hardcore gaming to get even one item for 450 tokens :/ please … ^^’’

Ziggs Ironeye – Engineer | Madame Le Blanc – Mesmer | Mentor (PvE) | EU
“Mentoring engineers / mesmers and showing you what you can do with your fantastic class!
Just pm me for my advice! Always eager to help!”

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: Pifil.5193


As someone who has some very limited experience in programming, even I can say for certain (and I mean I’m super seriously right now you guys) it’s not at all beyond the realms of possibility to anticipate for this and build in ways so that this cannot occur. This level of pre-planning has simply not occured and it’s just not acceptable for what is a paid product. Instead of doing the hard work of writing to code to stop people abusing the event they went with the “rotten apple” principle and just removed rewards. It’s lazy and it’s unfair for the players of the game. I know I probably sound really preachy but this is basic stuff.

Indeed, the simplest, most obvious solution (to me at least) for this kind of farming is for there to be normal loot for the first few waves of mobs to spawn, then the loot dropped in that event starts to dwindle until you get no loot at all. It could be as simple as saying that only the first fifty or hundred or so mobs have any chance to drop loot or it could be a much more complex system that better takes into account the number of players at the event but either way a system like this should be applied to each event individually so farming the heck out of an event would have not effects beyond that event.

If you were to couple that with a mechanism where you get decent rewards for actually completing the event and a bonus based on the number of events completed throughout the map then I believe people will be far more inclined to complete them and move on to the next event rather than stick around to farm a slowly dwindling one and you wouldn’t have to hinder or otherwise impact on the players who’re actually playing the game “in good faith.”

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: Tattevajoo.1659


Thanks for the update, but I just lost it with working my way to 20 stacks and getting that d/c consecutively. I’m done with this event and am giving up on that thoughtless potion. It’s just not worth getting this kittened over and over again. Thank you, but no thank you.

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: DragonWhimsy.6489


There’s a lot of good feedback here and I’m pretty sure the devs got the general idea what was wrong with the event. But those problems are just a symptom and I’d like to talk about the source a little bit.

There are almost no devs working on the live game and there hasn’t been since the conclusion of the Season 2 Living World. The problems with this event have little to do with ANet not knowing how to throw open world events. Open world events is what they DO. Instead it has everything to do with this being a small side-project with few Devs assigned to it and that it was likely rushed through testing as right now their testers are busy with HoT’s.

Nearly everyone is working on Heart of Thorns and possibly post-HoT’s content. And I dearly hope that pays off for the players and Anet come the end of Oct with a massive influx of new players who stay with the game. I truly do.

However, if this is the sort of content drought we can expect with the announcement of every expansion, then it means I will be dreading all future expansion announcements.

Back during S1 and S2 we were told that only a small part of ANet made up the Living Story teams while the majority of ANet was working on something else. That gave me the mistaken impression that when an expansion was announced the living world teams would continue to give us content and do away with the content droughts that happen in many other MMO’s that have boxed expansions while the majority of ANet worked on the expansion.

And maybe that’s happening. Maybe their Living World team is working away at the post-HoT’s content in an effort to keep the influx of new players in the game after the expansion launch. Maybe by sacrificing the majority of 2015 the game really will be stronger for it in the long term starting in Oct and ANet will find their groove as they work on expansions and live content at the same time. Maybe this is the only time we will have to go through this.

I really hope that’s true.

I understand we’re “building a foundation” here, but after Oct that’s over and you have to deliver on your potential. From that point onward this game needs to be dependable where it comes to content delivery across all of it’s game types. Content that is thought out, with depth, that’s tested and without leaving certain content types feeling totally abandoned for years. That means living story, open world events, fractals, raids, and WvW and PvP.

And if you need to, then open a public test server. Maybe it’s just time to break down and do that.

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: LUST.7241


While the dynamic nature of where the Mordrem arise is nice, having the other maps overlap them and causing closest waypoints to be contested is harsh. I like where the locations they spawn, each with their own ways to be taken down.

Sadly, it’s also a huge deathtrap for low level players who have no idea what is going on, the Mordrem are not easy opponents and more often than not I see those poor low levels (likely new to the game) too poor to even respawn at a the waypoint while people just run over them trying to tag a Mordrem or two for a stack that decides their reward amount.

And that’s another thing, the reward system does not encourage people to stick to a events, it would have been way better to track how many Mordrem were stopped and give everyone who participated the same reward based on how well everyone did. Of course, this requires actively checking participation so people don’t AFK and abuse it.

However, this is something to learn from. It is an interesting event, but it really wasn’t tested. I’d say revisit it with proper rewards/reward amounts, good loot, and what not. Mordrem events should disable any other event going on in the respective map and hopefully there is some way to help new players who happen to be passing by understand the temporary roadblock.

Conceptually, this could be an interesting way to bring back Season 1 events that sort of did the same thing, so that new players can experience what shaped HoT and connect with veteran players who already have.

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Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: John.8507


Players should be tracked on each invasion/event.

The players getting the highest stacks are the most selfish players, who run between each event only staying a minute or so then going to the next one. This sometimes leaves some events taking a long time to complete penilising players who stay at each event until completion.

The game should reward players who are at events until completion, not those tagging and running between events to get stacks faster.

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: Exile.2745


It’s frustrating to be part of a large group, only to have 75% of that group (following a commander) suddenly take off, leaving the last 10 or so players in the red circled area to finish up the last 25-50%. This results in multiple deaths, and in last night’s case, at least 5 silver to teleport back to the nearest waypoint, run back down, to help the remaining players try to finish it up.

This happened last night, and because the majority of the group took off after getting in a handful of kills, the 1/2 hour timer ended, that individual event failed, wasting game money and time (really could’ve run off to do another 2-3 events in the time it took to try to clean up that last one.). Multiple wipes to full death for those that stuck it out to try to finish it up.

i have made the the same experience. it seems to be the way most people want to play to get most out of this event but it’s frustrating and a far cry from what i expect from playing a game.

Call me selfish but if 75% of your group ran off and left you then run right behind them. Why should you stay, and die numerous times, just to finish the event for them so that they get credit? Let it fail, go find another one to do. While you are at it I would find another group.

I know right. To any warmblooded individual with any amount of sanity it would seem smart to abandon the event, but to some, the courageous few, they see it as a challenge to stay and finish this event. To stay and do what no others would dare. After that they get punished. Why punish these people? They seem to be the people holding these events together, why would the playerbase as a whole be happy about this segment of the playerbase being abused. We need them.

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: RedDeadFred.1256


Why not do events similar to the ones in HoT to get people more excited for it? This is supposed to be introducing the Mordrem for new players and all they are seeing are a bunch of enemies that die in seconds while grinding repetitive events. If I hadn’t played the beta and seen the awesome stuff HoT is offering, there’s no way I’d be excited for it.

I really don’t care that much about the reward structure. Actually having fun should be the main concern. If you’re not having fun, who cares about the rewards? I don’t know about other people, but if I’m not having fun in a game, I just don’t play it. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of new players just stop playing after this event. Personally, it’s by far the least fun thing I’ve played in my 8 months of owning the game.

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: Myralien.6754


Players should be tracked on each invasion/event.

The players getting the highest stacks are the most selfish players, who run between each event only staying a minute or so then going to the next one. This sometimes leaves some events taking a long time to complete penilising players who stay at each event until completion.

The game should reward players who are at events until completion, not those tagging and running between events to get stacks faster.

The only reason players do that in the first place is due to the higher reward… if players weren’t penalized for staying at events until completion they wouldn’t HAVE to play guerrilla tagfare

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Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: pixie.5940


Kit The Traveler Here

Events !!!!! Wooohoo it gets my booty moving and groovin.
Flash back of when Scartlet attacks went down.
The things you have to do at the events are pretty simple.

No Xp
No real rewards beside seeds
The amount of seeds taken in wont even be enough to cover for halo I want. Time also added into it
New players would be wasting time doing this event, because there no real xp given.

Overall.. it a meh feeling. :c

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: Gagaru.6132


A lot of this has probably been said, but maybe there’s some value in repeated points:

1. Not enough reward for time spent. Anything fun about the event is muffled by the realization of how much time I’d have to invest to walk away with fun goodies. Maybe I like candy, but I’d hate myself eating it all day.

2. The gap in time between events puts players on the game’s schedule and not their own schedule. There is a lot of “waiting in line” for the amount of playtime spent. Events that can be jumped into at any time work much better in my opinion.

3. Disconnecting removes all hope of any reward. I don’t personally have this issue, but I remember times when I did and I can imagine the frustrations. Even something as simple as individuals monsters dropping loot would fix this.

4. No exp or karma rewards, which is especially odd given our new players. And sometimes the fun thing about events is having a novel way to level up or try a new character. That’s not possible here, and I’m failing to understand why they’re absent.

5. Because there’s no exp reward, it’s almost impossible to tell when one has successfully tagged into one of the events. There doesn’t feel like there’s enough monsters per player either.

6. Cooperation doesn’t feel as rewarded as individual selfishness. The zergs are scattered and waypointing everywhere, and it’s easy to get separated from friends in the mess. My favorite part of events is the feeling of armies of players banding together, even if it’s as a zerg, and that feeling’s not in this one.

Also cries at the devs not wanting to play with us. What event do you want to play with us? Make those events, not these events.

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: SonofInnocence.4905


Thanks for that post, Gaile.

I must admit that this is one of the worst experiences I’ve had in GW2. Honestly, it happens. Intention doesn’t always turn out how we’ve intended. So here’s my (and my wife’s) feedback:

1) Rewards – This is a game we love playing because we can pick at it, or be serious. I’m ok for things being gated behind lots of effort (I still adore the fact that I have luminescent gear because of all the work I put into it). In short events like this, I’m not convinced that the amount of Blossoms we’ve gotten from the event is enough. I’m not saying I want 400 blossoms for playing for an hour (that’d be insane), but I do think that it should be higher where I won’t have to play for days on end to get something I wanted like the Selfless Potion. I’m not sure I have a solid number, but my understanding is it’s 20 for a daily in each area, and 5-15 per map in 30 minutes? This seems way too low if that’s the case.

2) World Event Standards – I was astounded by Escape from L.A. (and the whole series) and really expected this to be as intense as that. Silverwastes, I adore. The entire end of LS: Season 2 blew my mind and really engaged me (it was when my wife even started playing). My expectations were a lot higher. I was even thinking of things like the Marionette. It’s tag & run (see #5) and doesn’t really give a challenge.

3) Gem Store Items for Currency – I’m undecided with how I feel about Gem Store items being available for currency from an event. On one hand, it’s exciting that it’s all available for the new players, or for people who missed it. On the other hand, I’m insanely proud of having my Armoured Scarlet Mini from using the Mystic Forge, which I actually did pay real cash to get as a memento of the entire war in L.A. On one hand I don’t want to seem like only I should have it, and on the other hand I’m not sure how good of an idea it is to make Gem Store items available for currency as it devalues them and people have even paid real money.

4) Event Bugs – I know that things don’t always launch without a hitch, and patches and bugs are unforeseen. I just know that people not getting their rewards really demoralized the entire event and made it feel not worth doing.

5) Encouragement of Tag & Run – This entire event, due to the stacks that you get from completing events contributing to the amount of currency you get, really encourages people to tag an event and get out of there. This doesn’t foster teamwork, and it really doesn’t help people who are new, get to know the game. I should not feel like if I want to get say, a Selfless Potion, I need to tag a bunch of events and run off. People should be encouraged to stay at events. I will blatantly say that this is actually very bad to encourage, whether intended or unintended. (On that note, my wife only ever gets Bronze medals no matter what she does while I keep getting Gold. Very strange, not that it affects your stacks).

6) Event Complexity – There aren’t many varieties of events either, which leads to it feeling very boring. Shields, Catapaults, Explosive Pods. Well, this lack of variety really doesn’t make me want to keep doing it. Yes, Silverwastes only has a few things that take place but it builds to a purpose with great rewards and has multiple avenues of rewards from your bandit chests, bandit crests, bags as rewards, etc. I understand that SW is a permanent addition, but my expectations for event complexity and reward complexity has definitely been raised. The Mordrem Invasion just doesn’t meet it. This feels like something that would’ve been put into the game during the first Living Story where you guys were still getting the hang of your direction.

Ultimately, this is the first time I can say that I am terribly disappointed. Hopefully the feedback here helps to some extent!

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: Requiemcliff.1920


I think the points that are needed to be said have been posted enough. Playing this game for 3 years, this event felt like something really not learned well from. I mean, Silverwastes or Dry Top should have been inspired from if you wanted an event like this.

I’ll re-iterate the key points that would be useful.

1. For New Players, give actual minor rewards for individual events, events don’t feel rewarding when you don’t get anything besides a tic saying “You did this.” Not to mention, this event was designed for new players as you guys said. You aren’t really giving anything rewarding for new players though. (10 gold for the armor stuff, the prices feel really too high for a new player, especially F2P accounts without TP access)

2. For general players: Make the events more rewarding. With the amount of time invested in the event, you barely get anything for 30 minutes of fairly hardcore grinding. By math, It would take 15-18 events over the next three days to get even just the potions. Thats a -lot- of time dedicated for casual players.

3, Make people work together.

Either make the events a bit tougher, or don’t go with an individual event tic, it just makes players jump from event to event with only a minimum of participation. Give reasons to stick around with the event, even just put a chest at the end if you did enough so they have to stick to loot.

Those are just a few thoughts, they have been said before, this event felt really backwards compared to your usual design decisions.

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: Flapjackson.1596


I rarely come here to post or reply but I just want the devs to know how important it is for us players to not be punished in any way by having a disconnect in the middle of a play session, more importantly if we are going to lose any progress we have made in a said event. If there was a way to “save” that progress for a few minutes so we have the time to log back in, it would be great, and yes I know we can do the next event in 30 minutes but for some 30 min are alot and dont have time for more.

We completely agree with you. The team will be working on a way to address this. I don’t know if progress would be saved, that’s a question for a designer or programmer. However, at the least, we don’t want someone to lose their rewards!

Could you clarify as im now confused – you said previously that nothing could now ben done to improve the event – but you say Dev’s are working on improvements? does this mean the event will come back soon?

I’m sorry if my answer wasn’t clear. The devs are looking into a way to prevent people from losing rewards when they disconnect in the middle of an event. It is not possible to make changes to this event, but the information gained through player reports will help us address problems in the game and prevent them in the future.

So by “this event” do you mean, after this one ends, problems could be fixed and we could be seeing the new and improved version released maybe a few days later? Or is this just a sorry this was a screw up and you won’t have a chance to get these rewards? Because I really want those skins and I’m totally cool with waiting a few days after the weekend ends so that I can properly obtain my scarlet and toxic skins.

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: AlsoAdelas.4901


perfect listing of everything about it

I agree with every word Invictus posted. There were more players than mobs, and the mobs didn’t last very long when they did pop. I had trouble hitting things before they died. Grabbing the exploding pods became a competition. I had to invest 30 minutes of FOCUSED, uninterruptible gameplay to get a reward. Killing things without even getting XP for killing them was demoralizing. (Someone said they didn’t even contribute to stacks of bloodlust…. yikes.) I had to decide whether I would play this thing while it lasted or play other game modes with a focus on gaining money, because you can’t do both at the same time. There was a strong temptation to just hit a couple things and move on, to be sure I had hit enough events.

On the other hand, I was really glad to see that there were different mechanics involved. Thank you for setting up this event. I hope you guys get enough constructive criticism and suggestions to help in planning future events that evoke a more satisfying response from us, to help your job feel more rewarding. I realize all the complaining must be demoralizing. I hope you know there are a lot of us that have your backs, even when you don’t hit home runs.

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: John.8507


Players should be tracked on each invasion/event.

The players getting the highest stacks are the most selfish players, who run between each event only staying a minute or so then going to the next one. This sometimes leaves some events taking a long time to complete penilising players who stay at each event until completion.

The game should reward players who are at events until completion, not those tagging and running between events to get stacks faster.

The only reason players do that in the first place is due to the higher reward… if players weren’t penalized for staying at events until completion they wouldn’t HAVE to play guerrilla tagfare

Yes but they are penalized as completing events takes time, so its not fair to alot of players or how the game is meant to be played, by working together.

A map wide bonus on total invasions defeated would have been helpful.

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

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Posted by: Arahzor.1832


Will try to be as detailed as possible without activating berserker. Long post incoming.

The Bad Things

  • The time between the events are too long, we are after all being invaded by a Elder Dragon and it’s like “ooh the mighty forces of Tyria have defeated my forces! I will now DRINK TEA FOR HALF AN HOUR! Then i will invade again!”.
  • The rewards for doing this is way too punishing, three hours of wait and tagging and we get rewarded with 45 blossoms at most, some people get none (imagine the lowbies, how can they even get time to tag mobs or dash out the damage needed to be registered that they have dpsed a mob to get rewarded).
  • “Guild Wars 2 reward the player to play with others” Now that is not working here, stick to the zerg and aim to reach 20 stacks in 30 minutes? It’s not doable imo, the way to do this event is to go full rouge, avoid commanders, tag mobs then leave and let others finish the event. It’s not fun, i don’t like it – but what are my/others options if they want the 15 blossoms.

The Good Thing

  • The rewards from the vendor is okay, its giving the players to buy the skins for gold instead of gems, its cheaper and i find it better – even for a new player.

How I Would Adress Thease Issues

The event has to be EPIC, this is another attack by the Jungle Dragon on Tyria, we have seen what it has done in it’s first attack on Tyria with it’s vines and now we get to keep him at bay to not let him destroy more of our world, our heritige, our homes.

I would keep that thought in my mind and keep in mind that it has to breath, it has to live, it has to feel like a invasion, it HAS to feel that we are being under attack by a Elder Dragon.

First thing that i would do is to reduce the event time from 30 min to 20 min, and instead of having individual stacks like we got now, i would add a “Map Stack” this would calculate all events we finish during that 20 minutes. Rewards would be equal to all, teamwork would be rewarded once again.

Rewards would be the following

10 events completed by map = 10 blossoms
20 events completed by map = 15 blossoms
30 events completed by map = 20 blossoms
40 events completed by map = 25 blossoms
50 events completed by map = 35 blossoms

Usually you average 35-40 events on 30 minutes. This would add a bit of a challenge, cooperation between commanders and the “taggers” atm would have to finish the random events they port to just to contribute

Easy way for this would be that the roamers go for shield events (they got fixed locations when they spawn so they spawn at the same spot everytime) the commanders with zergs head to catapults and bombs. This way it would create a good flow on events and all would be rewarded equally, now the argument might be “i do more work and being rewarded with the same amount as the one that did one event” well that happens, leechers are everywhere – who had most fun in the end is what matters.

Secondly is that i would remove the break times between the three events. As soon the 20 minutes are done in Brisban it should start RIGHT AWAY in Kessex for 20 minutes, let them try to overwhelm us – let us rally on the run on who is running where. Once Kessex is done, it starts in Diessa right away too for 20 minutes.

Once all these is done, what i would have added is that i would add that Modrem Guard that are in the beta (he has to have some purpose in Heart of Thorns right? Let us get familiar with him! He has plently of uses before we meet him, considering that HoT is future, and adding him in the present atm would be okay, we dont kill him now – we just defeat him then he can just escape by hugging a vine that pulls him down in the earth as a retreat or something… something..) I will add a picture of him to this post. Anyway, HE would spawn in any of the three maps we just did events in, let him be like a minor boss to defeat, like a world boss. By defeating him i suggest this as rewards

  • A big event chest as we usually get, contains random stuff like blues, greens, rares (almost like vinewrath got atm)
  • 10-15 blossoms
  • As for the event reward (the bronze, silver, gold) we get exp, karma, silver like normal events, this will feel a bit more rewarding for new players too.

After this has happend, we did events, the guard is drawn back to the planning board – Tyria is safe for another 90 minutes. Then it happens again.

I would also let the event run for 1-2 weeks instead of 4 days. This would let people have time to get the things they wanted and not to let them gamble with their personal health by farming 24/7 to get the rewards.

This would “de-reward” the items a bit, but what gives? As more content comes, new items come, people will replace the armor they get here with “cooler” things, new people come and come back and value will rise of the items again. In the end, all are the winners.

As adressing the disconnecting people are having i cant say much on that, to be honest – this happens in spvp, world bosses and you get nothing by dcing there and logging back in most of the cases, so i think nothing can be done on that front. If there was something to be done there, i guess we would have seen it in-game already for spvp and world bosses

This is just my opinion, many might not agree with me on this, but i think this would make this event better.


Arahor Aure [DVDF]

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Ragnarox.9601


Anet’s magic is long gone, and proof is that we don’t even get mordrem spoon as a exotic drop, only greens and blues worth of 1 silver or 1 copper.

In next 3 years I might save 10 gold from this event.

Edit: this event feels like Dragonhunter in every way

Mordrem Invasion Update: 11 September 12:30 PM

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Kamui.3150


Alright ANet, here’s how you fix this event, the base idea is sound, but some of the mechanics are just stupid. These tweaks are designed around making the map want to work together and giving players a sense of accomplishment.

  • First off, add normal event rewards to the events, and drops/XP/etc back to the enemies, however leave drops from champion enemies disabled, reason for this is in the next part.
  • Log the # of champs killed as part of the invasion events in the map, once the invasion is done, every player that participated in at least 1 event gets 1 champ bag per champ kill. You can even add in an extra bloom per champ kill and it’d likely be okay.
  • Ditch the “you need to personally tag X events to get Y blooms” idea. Instead, track # of events completed mapwide, and at the :00 mark, give every player that participated in at least 1 event blooms based on the # of events the map cleared. 20 events in 30 minutes is reasonable if the whole map works together, which this will promote. Silverwastes shows that the map will gladly split apart and work as a team if the team effort is rewarded.
  • Extend the event from just this weekend to 1-2 weeks, this gives enough time to implement these changes on Monday or so, and players get enough time to farm up what they want, and you don’t screw over players that have other commitments for this particular weekend.