My leaving feedback for ArenaNet. (tPvP and WvW)

My leaving feedback for ArenaNet. (tPvP and WvW)

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Posted by: Gilgamesh.2561


This is feedback for ArenaNet on my experiences with GW2.

I’m replacing gaming for a few months with other hobbies. GW2 is an innovative game, and my time spent has been overwhelmingly fun, but the flaws have become annoying enough that I can’t enjoy the game anymore. These flaws have only surfaced as I’ve become incredibly familiar with my profession and just about every way it can be viably built for tPvP and WvW, and as others have geared up and learned their profession.

  • Level: 80
  • Profession: Engineer
  • Time Played: Since launch. I hit 80 after 2 weeks.
  • Content: sPvP and WvW



  • Can be very fun. I love the 5v5 format when it’s PuG vs PuG.


  • PuG vs. Team sucks. It’s enough to turn me off from tPvP. It’s never fun unless you’re against a really bad team. There’s no fair challenge against a group of players coordinating by VOIP. I don’t want to hot-join 8v8. I want to tPvP 5v5 w/rewards, but I don’t have the time nor interest to form a team and use VOIP. I really think the solo-queuing tPvP is a brilliant model for tPvP. Take it one step further for absolute success by only matching PuG against PuG.



  • Enormous and epic battles.
  • Building and using siege engines is fun.
  • Persistent 24-hour matches.


  • Intolerable lag.
  • Damage/health bonuses and orb buffs. Get rid of them or completely rework them. They only serve to further demoralize the losing sides. Or is their intention to make it impossible for the losers to have a fair game? At the very least make them only apply to PvE.
  • Invisible enemies. (“Culling”)
  • Population unfairness coupled with long games. I hope this will solve itself by the time I return, but I have my doubts. How is this fun: I log into a map where our only claim is our spawn. We have hardly any players because most our server has been demoralized and abandoned WvW. Soon as I leave our spawn area I’m zerged by 10-20 enemy players who must be really bored. I logout myself.
  • Staleness. Even if winning or losing, WvW for me has become plain. I believe WvW needs something more. This may not be the entire solution, but I believe it needs to be more goal-oriented at a personal level. How about a scoreboard/ladder in-game that shows WvW player statistics for your match? Such as kills, revives, supply contributions, successful sieges, etc. A ladder to make an individual strive for something and, generally speaking, feel like they are contributing and aren’t just another nameless green dot to the zerg on the mini-map.



  • I love the Engineer, but I feel they are either the most balanced profession in the game or the outright weakest profession in the game.
  • Incredible survivability or mediocre damage. Choose one The trade offs are huge when it comes to Engineer. Most professions can lean one way or the other and maintain survivability and damage. Not engineer. Unless you’re doing tPvP, you’re viably pigeon-holed into point-defense unless you are being carried by your team and they find it cute watching you “deal damage”.

Thieves and Rangers

  • Ah thieves and rangers. Where do I begin? As point-defense it takes most professions a long time to kill me. Oh, but not these two. Even with 3k armor and 27k HP they’ll burn me in seconds as I pitifully use everything I have to delay the inevitable. Keep in mind I’m referring to high-rated or highly-geared theives and rangers in tPvP or WvW.
  • Incredible survivability and damage. You get both! No trade-off decision making here!

Guardians and Warriors

  • My only complaints are for maces. The knockdowns, knockbacks and stuns. Seriously ArenaNet. Seriously. Just. Seriously.


My #1 complaint with GW2 is the lack of trade offs for some professions. Rangers and thieves, and mesmers to a degree, I feel lack enough trade offs for their damage and survivability. I don’t mind glasscannons if they are actually, you know, glasscannons. Right now thieves and rangers are more like woodcannons. Inversely, even their utmost survivability builds still deal excellent damage.

See you ArenaNet in a few months!