Precursor drop rate studies?

Precursor drop rate studies?

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Posted by: Orpheus.7284


Kind of curious on the droprate of precursors.
Apparently random level 80 mobs in Orr have chance of dropping them. Chests, WvW. etc…

I really want to get precursors from a drop rather than buying them off TP (even though I can)…because I don’t like the concept. I just don’t feel like I’m giving my hard earned gold to some random person that ‘got super lucky’. I feel ok buying other components in my legendary because those can be farmed with a degree of certainty, and their market value more or less justified.

Made a thread in the past asking how people got their precursors and found a lot of players obtained them via Dungeon chests (low level ones usually, AC, CM) or off playerkill loot in WvW. But do each dungeon chests have equal chance, or do certain ones have higher? Because I’d think at one point, Anet would reduce the chance of getting precursors in CoF P1 since that dungeon is 3 chests per 5-10mins. With so many CoF farmers, it’s pretty surprising the stock on precursors is still so low.

Anyone have any suggestions on which direction I should go for Precursors?