Adjustments to the Cost of Infusions and High-End Materials

Adjustments to the Cost of Infusions and High-End Materials

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Posted by: Regina Buenaobra

Regina Buenaobra

Content Marketing Lead

When we first announced the ascended tier of items, it was our intention that these items bridge the time and effort gap that it took players to get Exotic gear vs. Legendary gear. And since the release of the Fractals of the Mist and the infusion system, we’ve been monitoring player feedback, the economy of the game and the investment that building up a set of agony resistance gear requires. With the Wintersday build we will be making some changes to help those trying to attain their agony resistance gear.

  • Zomorros now will require 5 skill points to create an infusion down from the original 50.
  • The drop rate for Passion Flowers will double to help bring the overall cost of infusions down.
  • Increased the quantity of Vials of Powerful Blood, Vicious Fangs, and Elaborate Totems from containers.

We’ve made these changes because our goal is to make infusions more affordable for players and to help strengthen our economy. As with all updates, we will continue to monitor your feedback and the effects these changes have on the economy.