Flamethrower (PVE/Dungeon/Fractals)

Flamethrower (PVE/Dungeon/Fractals)

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Posted by: Mathrin.3590


Messing around with the build calculators and wanted to get some input on a Flamethrower build. I know they aren’t supposed to the be the most uber of things uber but I enjoy playing one.


It is a pistol shield combo with flamethrower and elixers.

All weapons and armor are Carrion stats.
Pistol with Sigil of Smoldering
Shield with Sigil of Battle
Armor with full set of Engineer Runes
Trinkets are all Apothecary with Passion Flower (or Ascended Apothecary)
Back is Soldier with Passion Flower (or Ascended Soldier)

Skills are Elixers H, B and R along with Flamethrower.
Elite is typically Defense Golem as I’m Asuran

20 Explosives: Exploit Weakness (Empowering Adrenaline?) and Enhance Performance
20 Firearms: Flameforged Trigger and Juggernaught
30 Alchemy: Fast Acting Elixer, Cleansing Formula 409 and HGH

The idea is to take advantage the might stacks of Juggernaught and HGH (I can reliably reach 22-24 stacks of might and 25 if I really wanted it). I shouldn’t need a dedicated stun breaker or condition removal with 409 since I’m going to want to be spaming my elixers anyway for the might. Having shield is nice for the Blast Finisher and Stun/Daze.

I wanted to maximize my condition damage while also upping my survivability with plenty of toughness/vitality and making the most of my regeneration boons with healing power.

Let me know what you all think.

Also, for what it’s worth: Underwater is grenades with Carrion Harpoon Gun with Sigil of Force and Supply Crate.

Flamethrower (PVE/Dungeon/Fractals)

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Posted by: Leuphe Rykkyr.1602

Leuphe Rykkyr.1602

My personal build for FT relies on no condition damage, because the FT scales so well with prec/crit damage. Don’t run any cond damage, and run a rifle instead of the pistol/shield because it has better CC/kiting ability. My personal build is 10/30/0/30/0. Incendiary powder, Juggernaut, and HGH are the 3 key parts. 15%+ FT damage works well too, and can be swapped out for 409 if you’re in need. Elixir H, Elixir B, and any other elixir you like, or even something like the new rocket boots. Gear is mostly knight’s gear, and use ex ruby orbs instead of runes (divinity runes work good too, but also very expensive). Soldier’s trinkets work good, and just get a lot of prec + crit damage.

That’s what I’ve been running, and it works pretty kitten good in dungeons.

Flamethrower (PVE/Dungeon/Fractals)

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Posted by: Achrisos.1360


Here is my FT build I call “The Juggernaut”:


3-Hit combo of Grenade Barrage >>> Flame Blast >>> Flame Jet can hit for over 20k total damage if they all crit and ur on about 10+ stacks of might and 25 bloodlust.