Guardian Theme Builds!

Guardian Theme Builds!

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Posted by: ryan.5106


A few other members of the community inspired me to create this topic. So, here’s the idea. HAVE FUN! Create a guardian build based on any theme you can think of: Super Heroes, Classes from other games (i.e. Paladin, all rights reserved of course…), Movie characters, non-picture book (also called “Novels”) characters, so on and so forth.

When you create your theme based guardian, tell us:

1. The inspiration for the build (The name of the character and the source).
2. What kinds of special abilities your build is supposed to emulate.
3. What you liked about the original source material, and where did you first learn about it.
4. The talents, armor, ideal appearance, skills, weapons… etc.
5. Race/Gender.

“My build is based on Thor from the comic books, he uses a hammer, his traits are 30/0/30/0/10. He’s a Male Norn, and he should be as big as possible. He uses the Healing signet, Judges Intervention, Purging Flames, and Bane Signet because he’s a kitten Norse god and he brings pain to weakling mortals and monstrous creatures alike! He should wear a combination of Knights and Valkeries armor/weapons for a high amount of Power, Precision, Toughness, Vitality, and Crit Damage, dark blue or silver armor, a red cape, and a winged helm. I first learned about Thor from reading the comic books and watching the Avengers movie.”

Please remember, this is not about creating an optimized build for soloing 18 champions at a time in Arah. This is about being creative and having fun with the profession.