PvP build

PvP build

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Posted by: johnIV.3849


Hello I am pretty new to necro. Just hit level 40. Thought I would do a little PvP for a couple days to get out of leveling for a bit.

I understand there are 2 builds power or conditions. Which one is better for solo queing for PvP. And can you post a build and some tactics/advice for the build. Thanks

PvP build

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Posted by: Thor Rising.7850

Thor Rising.7850


Try some of those builds if you really want an in depth guide on usage, tips, and tricks. Condition and power are both viable and its whichever you prefer. If you are running conditions you will generally use scepter/dagger and staff. Power builds usually use dagger/ warhorn or focus and can use axe/ warhorn or focus or staff. There are also hybrid builds which are covered in one of Nemesis’ videos.

I personally run power in PvP, mainly because I use conditions in PvE so the change is nice.

My power build is generally 30/15/10/0/15, with dagger/warhorn and axe/focus. I swap the traits and utilities around fairly often, but close to death if I want to focus on dagger damage or axe training if I want to focus on using my axe.

I use soldier’s amulet with berserker jewel, sigils of energy on both offhands, bloodlust on one mh, force on the other. I run 5 runes of the citadel and one rune that gives +25 power (there are several options for it any are good).

My personal preference on utilities are, spectral wall, spectral walk, and that well of darkness (I think that’s the name of it, the blinding well). Flesh golem or Lich Form for elite, usually Lich unless I swap spectral wall for Well of Suffering.

Tactics are basically open with axe, try to get some suffering on them with focus 4, then 2,3, or 5 depending on positioning. Use 3 if they are moving around a lot or if there are multiple enemies around, 5 if they have a few boons, especially protection. Axe two is your primary source of burst on axe, you want to use it then swap to dagger as long as you have crippled or chilled them with 3 or 5. From dagger just get close and attack, warhorn 4 to interrupt obvious skills or stomps, dagger 3 to immobilize if you are having trouble with them kiting you.

Make sure to use death shroud to absorb large bursts as it will give you retaliation if you took the trait (I do). If a warrior does an obvious Hundred Blades setup, KD into immobilize, pop into death shroud and use 3 to fear him away once he starts HB. Use your fear wisely, you only get one every 20 seconds with this build. Death shroud does hit hard but in PvP life force is sparse so you want to save it for emergencies. If you are low hp, heal on cd, with a good amount of life force, use death shroud to wait out your heal.

Necros have it rough in PvP until you get used to using DS defensively, and timing your skills correctly. We don’t have the burst capabilities of other classes so your first priority should be surviving their burst, then you will have the upper hand usually. For backstab thieves when you are on a point just drop your blinding well when they stealth and laugh.

PvP build

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In PvP you have a lot more options than just power or condi. Just go ahead and use one of Nemesis’ builds (they tend to be pretty easy to use and good) until you are comfortable enough to test things out yourself.