necro or engineer?

necro or engineer?

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i have 3 other 80’s: thief, mesmer and guardian. i primarily play pve and want to get your opinions of which is better of the two in terms of group support and aoe dmg. i have nothing but time to waste so your opinions would be greatly appreciated.

necro or engineer?

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Both are good option.

Engineer got hit by the nerf bat last update with the 30% (35% if you trust people on the forum) damage reduction on grenade damage.

You will have a lot of option but you’ll have to do a lot of button smashing. If you go grenade you’ll develop carpal tunel issue. If you don’t, you’ll swap a lot between the kit.

Engineer are a lot of fun, and are efficient in pve. There super Elixir (healing from elixir gun) got nerfed last week too. With my multi-kit build I can throw around a lot of CC/Heals/Conditions to help the team in dungeon run.

Most Engineer attack are AoE, so you’ll have no issue with that.

Necromancer is more straight forward. Our class unique ability ( Death Shroud) is kinda boring but is very handy during dungeon run when you are getting low on HP.

Depending the build you’ll play, you can be very effective in dungeon. Condimancer are only gimped if you have too many conditions-damage class in your group. Since conditions ether stop staking at 25, or just don’t stack at all.

Well-o-Mancer (use wells to do damage) is really strong, and can be used with vampiric skills to regen some life.

Necro isn’t much of a support tho. You have very few boon to help your ally. You absorb your ally conditions (bugged won’t work really well) and throw them back at your ennemies. You can also convert condition into boon with well of power, but it has a 60 sec cooldown.

Necro staff, Wells and epidemic are really good for AoE. This is one of the strong point of necro, ranged AoE Damage (if specced for ranged Wells).

Both class are really cool, Engineer is a lot of management and can be harder to play then Necro, only because if you are build around using a lots of kit, you will have to swap kit a lot and remember your skills.

Necro isn’t easy ether, you have to always keep an eyes on your life force, so know when to use it.

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