Condition Build for PVE and WvW

Condition Build for PVE and WvW

in Ranger

Posted by: Colt.2764


Hi @ all,

i love playing conditions with my ranger (SB/Axe,torch)

but i can´t decide regarding armor, traits and attire.

atm i use for

armor: precision, toughness, condition dmg – rune: 2x lyssa, 4x nightmare (= 50% duration
attire: power, precision, condition dmg

traits: 30/20/20/0/0
SB with sigil of earth, axe with agony and torch with burning duration

i tested in the heart of mist that power, precision, condition dmg is the best stat for damage. But too little life points.

Now i hear, the best stat for condition builds is power, vita, condition dmg

i kindly ask you to express your opinion.
Do i need more vita or is the toughness i have enough for PVE and WvW?
More condition duration or more condition dmg?
More precision or more power for conditions build (i use SB and without precision… i don´t know )

many thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english…… iám not an english speaking guy:)