Ranger WvW Build

Ranger WvW Build

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Posted by: Sol.4310


Please Note this is a WvW build not a SPvP build.

Build Link: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?fMEQNBlODbEoKuuuyyC1OQsUIoA1Uop+zekIH9oSGVKA;TkAqmMNJay2krJZTLIGVsXA

Weapons = Shortbow (Power/Precision/Condition Damage) with Sigil of Eath
Axe with Sigil of Bloodlust
Horn with Sigil of Corruption

I also carry a longbow and greatsword spec’ed for berserkers.

Armor = Rampager’s set with rune of the Undead (Chest = Lvl 80 Karma armor spec’ed for Precision/Toughness/Condition Dmg) It works better then the Rampager’s Chest.

Accessories = Knight’s set with Berserker jewel set.

Food = Plate of Fire Flank Steak +100 Power +70 Condition damage.
Master Maintenance Oils, Gain power equal to 6% of your toughness, Gain power equal to 4% of your vitality.

Power = 1,851
Precision = 2,125
Toughness = 1,593
Vitality = 916

Attack = 2,851
Critical Chance = 62%
Critical Damage = 42
Armor = 2,657
Health = 15,082

I change my Elite between Hounds and Entangle, depending on who I am facing.

Rest comes down to your skill to when to dodge and what skill to use timing is everything get used to it and make it 2nd nature.