Multiple Tickets: Don't do it!

Multiple Tickets: Don't do it!

in Account Issues

Posted by: Gaile Gray

Gaile Gray

ArenaNet Support Liaison

If you awaiting for a response from Support, please do not create another ticket. It will delay your response (what with merging, updating the old tickets, etc.).

What you should do:

  • Submit a single ticket.
  • Provide the information requested here
  • Read the daily update and the archives, too.
  • Watch your email for updates.
  • When you get the email, see if the update applies to your situation.
  • If the update does not appear to address your issue, update your ticket, if requested, to let the team know you still need help
  • Wait—and we do appreciate your patience!—and Support will get back to you as soon as they are able.

Please understand that compromised accounts — where someone’s credentials are harvested from another source (email account, forum, another game) — are our top priority. If you have issues other than a hacked account, be assured that the team is working around the clock to help every player. And again, we appreciate your patience.

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