Passed-Out Drunks & Water Buckets

Passed-Out Drunks & Water Buckets

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Posted by: Braxxis.7062


I haven’t been able to get this mechanic to work during the leveling and subsequent 100% world completing of 2 characters. It worked fine for my first character but since then, I could stand there all day dumping water on them and they’ll never wake up and my progression meter will never budge. This also affects the pirate’s in Moriarity’s Hold in Bloodtide Coast.

Is this a bug or a matter of placement when using the bucket?

Passed-Out Drunks & Water Buckets

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Posted by: Nyaochan.1756


I did the Moriarty’s Hold heart today and I was unable to actually interact with most of the passed out drunks. I didn’t get the dialog box saying you needed to dump water on them, and actually doing so did nothing.

Server is Devona’s Rest.

Passed-Out Drunks & Water Buckets

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Posted by: Jabberwock.9014


Yeah this happened to me as well. Fortunately it’s not gamebreaking since you can steal rum to get the heart, but it sure takes a lot longer.

Passed-Out Drunks & Water Buckets

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Posted by: Jinx.7945


Same here. And it’s not a new bug; it was broken weeks ago in Moriarty’s Hold on server Crystal Desert. Breaking a bottle of ale on them gets a brief reaction, but it doesn’t manage to wake them up, either.

Passed-Out Drunks & Water Buckets

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Posted by: xlion.3065


This is very similar to the heart quest in Lornar’s Pass: Help Hune manage the lodge
(yet another waken up the drunk by pouring water over them ….)

This heart is a PITA, too. It takes ages to complete. Probably worse than the worst quest I ever did in WoW. It’s water buckets you need to wake them up, need to fetch meat for thoses ordering meat, and ale for those ordering ale, fight those that still complain.

But for some strange reason, performing the correct actions sometimes does not contribute to completion. Basically this heart boils down to spending a lot of time to make your “hero” appear like a complete idiot. (map completion)

Also there is an event starting from the lodge. Help to collect some eggs.
This event takes ages, too. And it does not contribute to the heart. Why?

The event by itself is really stupid, too. You help stealing eggs from eagle like creatures, but instead of fighting those you steal the eggs from, you are supposed to fight Dredge which mysterically pop into existence each time you go for an egg.

I think it’s 12 eggs total. Each time the girl goes for the nest, the boy scares away the eagles that you are just fighting and then some Dredge appear that you need to kill.
Now, this is an immersive experience! Where’s the grind that we have in all other MMOs but not in GW2?

I sometimes wonder which parts ANet outsourced during development and did not even roughly check before adding it to the trunk/branch that went live. These two examples just make be shudder.

ANet, you can be so much better than this!
I know you can. I’ve played GW1. And most of GW2 is really great.

But there are still quite a few bits and pieces that are so bad that I just can’t believe you added them while knowing what you are actually doing.

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Passed-Out Drunks & Water Buckets

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Posted by: MercMuse.3108


Server: Dragonbrand
Character: Zephyr Al Jailil
Map Location: Moriarty’s Hold (overflow)
Issue: Unable to wake Penzan Privateer, level 48.
Notes: I attempted to wake the Penzan Privateer …

(1) by clicking the ‘F’ key to “Wake Up” the privateer as prompted. This had no effect.

(2) threw a bottle of stolen rum at her prone body by using the ‘1’ skill while holding the stolen rum. This had no effect.

(3) pouring water on the prone Penzan by pressing the 1 key. This also had no effect.

(4) attacking the prone privateer with my sword and shouting at her, “For Justice!”. I mean, right in her face and everything. Really loudly. Still nothing.

At this point, I gave her up for dead and moved on to the next passed out pirate, an Asuran on the first ledge on the east side. I repeated the above steps 1 – 3, and still nothing. I was unable to get any response of any kind from any of the prone pirates, and many of the people/objects in the room prompt the option to “Wake Up [F]” but are, in fact, already standing or otherwise inanimate. I have a lovely screen shot (because I’m in it) of a chair asking me to, please, “Wake Up [F].” I left, deciding that I can go to Divinity’s Reach if I want uppity furniture.