Current world rankings *UPDATED 9/28*

Current world rankings *UPDATED 9/28*

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Starting on September 1 we began using the results of the 24 hour WvW matches to begin rematching worlds using our matchmatching system. We needed to fix a few bugs with the matchmaking server in the first few days which is why our data starts at that point.

Below are the current up to date rankings for all worlds. At some point we would like to deliver this data in a much better format but for now we just want to get the data out there for everyone to take a look at.

I am still trying to format the results of the 24 hour matches so I can start posting them here as well, but right now I have an excel table with lots of columns that I need to convert over and it’s not playing nice. Hopefully I can post them sometime in the next few days. I’ll try to update this thread with current rankings whenever possible.

North American World Rankings
2143.02 Henge of Denravi
2047.43 Stormbluff Isle
2044.01 Jade Quarry
1987.6 Eredon Terrace
1778.2 Isle of Janthir
1736.46 Crystal Desert
1727.17 Dragonbrand
1693.44 Blackgate
1598.21 Fort Aspenwood
1595.57 Sea of Sorrows
1570.33 Tarnished Coast
1533.33 Gate of Madness
1529.41 Yak’s Bend
1447.74 Maguuma
1432.65 Ehmry Bay
1388.46 Sorrow’s Furnace
1371.21 Sanctum of Rall
1367.18 Darkhaven
1334.71 Northern Shiverpeaks
1169.81 Anvil Rock
1125.78 Borlis Pass
1022.02 Ferguson’s Crossing
723.686 Devona’s Rest
615.89 Kaineng

European World Rankings
2058.176 Vizunah Square
1886.71 Far Shiverpeaks
1866.576 Riverside
1804.8 Desolation
1723.34 Augury Rock
1702.86 Arborstone
1695.781 Elona Reach
1674.053 Kodash
1662.167 Gunnar’s Hold
1630.724 Seafarer’s Rest
1625.987 Blacktide
1607.816 Baruch Bay
1562.81 Aurora Glade
1551.208 Fort Ranik
1549.531 Jade Sea
1545.292 Gandara
1446.024 Underworld
1414.024 Abaddon’s Mouth
1357.828 Vabbi
1352.937 Ring of Fire
1302.943 Piken Square
1255.43 Whiteside Ridge
1206.487 Miller’s Sound
1147.409 Dzagonur
1133.909 Drakkar Lake
915.472 Ruins of Surmia
820.931 Fissure of Woe


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