Losing team buff suggestion.

Losing team buff suggestion.

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Posted by: Shazbot.8906


I play on Crystal Desert, and anyone who is matched against us right now knows that for the majority of the week, we have been dominating WvW. Doing this really takes a lot of fun out of WvW for me, the enemies get demoralized and just stop trying most of the time, and so the winning team continues to gain their lead. I have a suggestion to give teams who are getting beat that bad a chance to come back and give a challenge.

First off, I suggest that points are dumped daily. The total for each team is unseen by players in order to not discourage people from trying by looking at the score screen. At the end of the match-up the team with the most points total would be the victor, as in any case.

I also propose exchanging the Orbs of Power with another objective based item (something that may give a smaller/different buff). These allow the winning team to just snowball. The original buff (or a stronger/new buff) could be given to the teams that are losing each day. This will keep a team from dominating for an excessive period of time.

For example: On Day 1 of the match-up, let’s say that the score ends with Green>Blue>Red, with Green being the top for the day. For Day 2, Green will be a constant, meaning they get no extra buff besides the Orbs (or new buff given in place) they have. Blue would get a slight buff that is similar to having one Orb (or something similar), if my initial idea of replacing the Orb buff was in place. Red would get the benefit of two Orbs with the same system. These buffs would last for that day. On Day 3, say the score for the day ended with Blue>Red>Green (not implying that the buff would be that powerful alone). Blue’s buff would be wiped clean, Red’s current buff would stack with that of second place for the day, and Green would get the last place bonus.

There are ways to use a strategy with this by intentionally losing multiple days in order to have a huge buff (which could be set by a cap), but this would be a high risk since other teams may have their keeps upgraded too much. It’s a high risk/high reward type strategy. That is the only way I can think of (at the moment) that people may call an “exploit.”

This is far from a polished idea, just something I came up with when talk of my server’s enemies for the week being demoralized, as well as other match-ups being completely dominated. I’m open to suggestions and critiquing on the idea, and I would also like Arena Net to possibly give it some thought.